Aim 2 Inspire is predominantly a mentoring organisation that has been specially created to assist with some of the challenges that face children, young adults and families in Greater Manchester.

Aim 2 Inspire started in 2010 as a response to young people's needs.

Though our work Aim 2 Inspire's primary objective is to work with and provide a support network to children, young people, schools and parents.

Aim 2 Inspire draws together expertise from the social and community sectors, schools, the criminal justice service and entrepreneurs in these areas. Also utilising feedback from young people, volunteers and social care professionals.

Studies and other organisations has indicated overwhelmingly that many of the existing services fail to meet the needs of children, young people and their families; and even when some services are available they are often erratic and inconsistent in nature - which is where Aim 2 Inspire aims to fill the gaps.


We aim to support children, young people and their families in accessing support available to them when faced with life challenges, with an overall goal of creating positive, confident individuals that provide valuable contributions to their communities and the wider society.


Aim 2 Inspire is an inclusive person-centred learning service that is flexible and responds to the individual needs and demands of children, young people and their families.